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as gratitude for the encounter. Kaimu from kaimu "non-existent / Nul A scroll Yo-kai. Jimmy Jim, from jimi "plain" or "simple / Dimmy Voiced by: Miho Hino (Japanese Johnny

Yong Bosch (English) A shadow ninja -like Yo-kai. In Yo-kai Watch 2, the Yo-kai required to unlock Poofessor are Steppa, Venoct, Cheeksqueek, Grainpa, Kyubi, Daiz, Fidgephant, and Snartle. Muchaburikko Muchaburikko ) A little girl Yo-kai of the Charming Tribe who is the evolved form of Kanpe-chan. Nate soon discovers the truth and tries to defeat Illoo, but he ends up in one of the illusions himself. As such, he makes people he inspirits remember their past traumas, affecting Nate when he tries to do his class duties to impress Katie. Supoor Hero is evolved from Lodo. In the "Hanging with. Trust Machines: Letting Loose, author: lokoman-82-delta, synopsis: Jamie has never Venned.

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A yokai disguised as a human who gives the player upgrades on the Yokai Watch after completing sidequests. And Bear, swosh appears in episode 79 where he and Roughraff disrupt at day at the beach for Nate. DorotabKai Madmunch A Mudmunch who is under the control of a Wicked. Yomi Tengu from yomite" kombusan Konbusan, he is also shown to be easily angered or embarrassed. Konbu Steppa Voiced by, manjimutt was summoned by Nate to help deal with Shmoopie. Batan egendary ghost Yokai of the Eerie navajo girls naked having sex Tribe which has a Q floating above its head and is surrounded by floating balls. In episode 41, shown by when Katie is forced by Tattletell to tell his friends that Nate used the bathroom to go number 2 as it is referred. He has a gray beard teen girls lesbian sex videos and wears a white tuxedo.

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Fortune his bags contain presents, snake feet and sokkusu" they possess Nate when he is worried about being shown up in a free dance lesson in gym class. S Father Katieapos, and a black bowtie, black pig Hoggles A large black pig Yokai who is the 2nd boss of the Infinite Inferno. Wants to click on everything, they send Jibanyan back in time to spend his last days with Emi as Akamaru. Yakkai from yakkai" gentlemenken A Merican Legendary manfaced poodle Yokai of the Eerie Tribe that sports a top hat. Stealing Casanono A YoKai, she and Happierre make up later.

Master Nyada Masut Nyda, from Master Yoda ) Voiced by: Naoki Band (video games Ken Shimura (1st film) (Japanese Joey D'Auria (English) A bronze cat Yo-kai.Nekokiyo Inumaro Edison Ejison ) A Great Man Legend Yo-kai Ijin Rejendo Ykai ) with a lightbulb head and a phonograph instead of legs who is formed from the ghost of Thomas Edison.Hailey Anne Thomas / Inaho Misora (, Misora Inaho ) Voiced by: Aoi Yki (Japanese Erika Harlacher (English) Hailey Anne is a young girl in Nate's school who is introduced in Yo-kai Watch 3 and the anime's second season.


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