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personal encounters with christ

where some people get a little nervous. The men in the left of the painting are a reminder of Matthews past and of his possible future. This man

is very contagious. The other thoughts I have as I am distributing Communion are thoughts of safety. What else can one do during the long wait for Communion? That means, after putting the spoon in the chalice sometimes hundreds of times on a Sunday, the priest consumes whatever remains in the chalice. To follow Christ, Matthew will have to extricate himself not only from his internal attachment to money, but also from the external pressure of his friends. Their opportunity for a new, more meaningful life fades away as they continue counting silver. In Baptism we die with Christ and are raised up from the waters of life, sealed with the Holy Spirit, to live our lives in Christ Jesus. The second reason is a practical one. Allow yourself to grow still. You arent supposed to make comments to the priest at Communion, but in this case, this comment stunned me, as I was hoping for this man to live a little longer. In many communities, the Communion line on Sundays is long. In praying for those who are receiving, we are showing love for our neighbor.

Close your mouth on the spoon. They are always on the move with no place to lay their heads. Peters walking staff indicates their itinerant status. And when he had eaten, games we know that the invitation is coming. He is about to elevate him from his superficial girls taxcollecting existence to the fulfilling life of an apostle. In todays reflection we will discuss how to receive Communion. If Matthew does not respond to Christ. God works through weak instruments, better sense of security and you wonapos.

A, personal, encounter with.So weve looked at some personal experiences of walking the.Gerry Fry speaks to the City Central body about the need for dynamic personal.

Ministered to hot by Ananias and filled with the Holy Spirit. As servants of God, we are all identified in the same way. Legionary Brother Eric Wandrey is currently studying for the priesthood. Worthy to stand at the right hand of Your glory. Who responds to you with love and compassion. So, his short life was a paradox of great success and selfinflicted failure. The contrast between Christs holiness and Matthews worldliness reflects contrasting elements of the artists life. The young man with the sword is about to get up from his stool.

If your baptism was your entrance into the life of Christ, and Communion is your sustenance in that life, you present yourself to the Lord at Communion by using the name that was used at your baptism.With his characteristic realism, he visualizes a spiritual event and portrays the dynamism of a personal epiphany.Pauls personal encounter with Jesus Christ was a life-changing event.


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