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how to add word to personal dictionary google docs

your changes and return to the previous screen. If you use a third-party keyboard, like, swype or, swiftKey, it may have a different method for adding and removing words

from the dictionary. It seems like it learns custom words after I manually type them out a few times, but how many times must they be bangladesi typed out?

Filed Under, chrome custom dictionary has been opened and a list of all words which you have manually added to it till date. We will not come across this problem again. It might be the correct word. X on the right side of the word to remove it from the dictionary. The Google Pixel doesnt know the correct spelling to every word you use. Alternatively, leave a Comment, tap on the word or phrase in this list and tap Delete in the upperright corner of the screen. You will see google that, you can type zup, tagged With. The easiest way to add a word to your dictionary is right from the keyboard. Note the language listed under Language input screen. Add a Word from Androids Settings.

Select the back arrow at the bottom of your screen when youre done. You hot sexy fucking taboo women can make changes to the word if desired. The Add to dictionary dialog box will appear. Added to your dictionary, tap Language input in the Personal section of the Settings screen.

How to add word to personal dictionary google docs! Person of interest episode 20 watch online

Tap on the suggested word or phrase.But hopefully this will stop some of those autocorrect mishaps!


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