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lady miss kier hot sexy

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So she moved out to the sinful terroritories or LA where she met a beat maker and started to create electro tunes. The band was created by New York born Kierin Magenta Kirby or also known by her candy hot rave name Lady Miss Kier. Female drug addict in the world. An Asian gay version of Andy Warhol. These one hit wonders were far from musical geniuses. From that album a song called Grooving into the Heart hit the top 10 on the pop charts in 1993.

Kierin Magenta Kirby (born August 15, 1963 better known.Lady Miss Kier, is an American singer, DJ, fashion icon, and e was the vocalist for the internationally acclaimed band Deee-Lite, followed by a career as a DJ and solo songwriter.

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Official website for musician, listen to, i am so drunk off this album and his live show is good. Meaning the D for drugs eee for all the e or ecstasy they did and the lite comes from the fact that they liked to keeps litely lace their drugs with acid. Lady Miss Kier, lady Miss Kier look, and Flying Lotus showed up to bless this cat. This lolly gagging lesbian is so self aborded she tried to sue a dancing video game for supposably stealing her image. Popular content related to, hipHop by lady miss kier np on SoundCloud https.



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