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what is a online personal diary

Sunday, April 20th, 1919. It is an entry of happenings or events chronicled in the web or internet. Also integrates with the Yahoo! Thus, both professional and non-professional persons

and groups blog on such subject areas as education, religion, health, politics, economy, social issues, business, technology and others. You can also add a calendar from t into your own site, and many customization options are available. It is not uncommon to see dignitaries, celebrities and public functionaries use their personal blogs as medium for issuing statements and news releases on what they want the public to hear. Many live as robots: got up - dressed - arrived on work - arrived from work, had dinner and lay down to sleep. This meant that I'd be writing two diaries, one for myself and a second, heavily edited one, for her. Registering in a diary concrete aims, we already, in fact, start acting. Vita Sackville-West on Capturing Moments "The fingers which have once grown accustomed to a pen soon itch to hold one again: it is necessary to write, if the days are not to slip emptily. Blog, which started in the middle part girl of the 1990s as an online diary in which people wrote about their personal lives, has today gained more prominence as it has developed into a platform where large numbers of authors get involved. You can set up to-do lists, and then fill each list with a number of to-do items, with an associated priority level. A bonus feature of the site is its ability to link Facebook and Twitter accounts with itself.

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