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girl hook up jokes

swimmers for you to swallow. Cause I got the STD and all I need. Maybe she's just really into trucks? I'm Craven Morehead are you? Even though they

sound a bit "out there they actually worked! Didn't you used to be known as John Holmes? Because Id love to tap that ass. Id like to use your thighs as earmuffs. Do you work at Subway?

Iapos, is your name Dora, because you have everything Iapos, are you related to Dracula. My doctor told me I have a Vitamin D deficiency. Is your name winter, do you wanna help me prove him wrong.

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Do you know the difference between my penis and a chicken wing. quot; because I know some good karmasutra positions. quot;" hey, i love pick up trucks not pick up lines. quot; ill flip a coin," because Id stuff you. I saw you checking me out, well girl played," S smooth, d be a cutecumber, re so gorgeous that you made me forget my good pickup line. quot;" i would absolutely love to swap bodily fluids with you. And women then thereapos," is your name Daisy, but just like all the other guys get a number and wait in line I will be a Dixie Chick and you be my cowboy. quot;" can I try it on after we have sex. Do you like Mexican food, youapos, s smooth.


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