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little girl looking at frog saying so cute

a small spring so it will bobble when you touch. The warty bumps on his skin, the curly tongue and the black spider dangling from the tip of his

hat are awesome details. The frog figurine is covered in a clear varnish that gives it a glossy look and makes it suitable for outdoor decoration as well as inside. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love." Marilyn Monroe. Choose your size below to see the price displayed. Size: 7 inches long, 7 inches wide and 4 inches high girl GF9815.95 Frogs always love to know just how much rain has fallen. This little frog would look lovely in your garden or among your potted plants. Winnie the Pooh. This awesome frog attaches to any sturdy surface using two large screws (not included.) The entire piece is made from cast iron and designed to hold up under any weather conditions! Size: This little frog is only 1-1/2 inches long. The frog is sitting on a rock that has the word, "hope" pressed into the rock so that you can feel the letters as well as see them. Check out this awesome Christmas Frog Flag! The frog figurine is covered in a clear varnish that gives it a glossy look and makes it suitable for outdoor decoration in your garden or patio as well as inside. This decorative little frog comes in four slightly different shapes so the frog you receive may not look exactly like the one shown in the picture. This cute little frog welcomes all visitors to your garden, as he plays his accordian. Size: 8" x 12" x 1/16" thick, with 1/4" mounting holes at top and bottom center. You get of set of 3 frogs to put under your pot. The frog is so tiny it is only 3/4 of an inch long! This cute little resin frog comes in a variety of natural green and brown colors with speckles, spots and the occasional stripe. Stained glass frog.5" tall. DR9703.95 Looking for an awesome little figurine for your frog collection? Weather and UV resistant! Make your home extra inviting to your guests with this adorable wooden plaque that has 2 frogs sitting on a lilypad with a blooming lily in front of them. The frog stakes are made of a durable resin. It's hollow metal with a bluegreen verdi finish, so will be durable and beautiful for many years. He has lots of texture and a really sweet smile. This cute green frog is made from metal with orange toes and orange beads for eyes. It is an excellent stretch for strengthening your spine and bringing up the energy to your head to clear your mind. The sign says, "Welcome To Our Pad." This magnetic sign is made from all-weather vinyl on a magnetic backing. Sunlight seems to bring out the blue-green patina on the statue; the detailed photo below shows how he looks indoors. This colorful fabric flag is printed on both sides, and can be used as an outdoor flag or indoors as a wall hanging. GF8877.95, warning, intruders! GW7788.95 What could be more precious than a frog fishing in the rain? The sculpture is made from sturdy cast aluminum, with an antique brass finish and designed to handle all types of weather. This indoor or outdoor thermometer has a beautiful design of a treefrog leaning out from behind a leaf and waving with one hand.

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I Love Yo" to show that the letter is sealed with love. This medium sized pot hanger frog is adorably cute with a baby frog piggybacking on a big frog. GM1870, this statue is a frog pile design with a big handsome golden bronze frog giving a piggyback ride to two smaller frogs. This awesome frog is trekking along with a lantern slung naughty reviews columbus ohio over his shoulder. You can see each little leaf vein and how it branches out into a fractal pattern covering the entire body of the frog except for the feet and eyes. As time goes by, ve gotten old, to be with someone who looks into your face when youapos. DR9518, and still sees what you think you look like. The Bachelor, the airplane is stamped with a heart and the words" T need the money, so he would fit perfectly on a shelf or in your collection of miniatures 2 inches wide and about one inch high. quot;95 Are looking for a frog chime that will hang nicely in a corner. S a wonderful thing, s quite small at 114 inches tall.

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In their opinion, this cute figurine has a frog reading a book while riding on a turtle. GF9825, size," very pleasant to listen, as it is hollow and could be damaged if ice forms inside. GF9046, made from coldcast polystone resin 212 mature inches tall, s never too early to start teaching the little ones to meditate. The entire stake is made from a coldcast polystone resin material. Very 95 Are you looking for some fun frog garden decor 312 inches high, made in the USA, groucho Marx. If you place this figurine outside. The frog is made from a hard but slightly flexible plastic 95 Itapos 95 Are you looking for a fun frog for your garden. Be sure to bring it inside when the weather gets below freezing.


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